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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Diary of Magecraft, Missive #489

So here we are at Missive #489 in this, my fabulous Diary of Magecraft. This means that I'm now 10 entries away from having 500 posts here. (Huzzah!) Will I make it to 1000? Who knows? Here, however, is what I do know:

Four days removed from Mardi Gras, and I know I have much to worry about as far as Rex goes. As you know, I remain pissed off that WYES/12, the Big Easy's PBS station, has not shared the Rex Ball and the Meeting of the Courts of Rex and Comus with a national PBS audience. (Maybe, I suppose, we New Yorkers are far too Thirteenish for Nawluns, eh what?)

Between now and the next 2 or so weeks, I gotta find an Oscar Night party to crash, or else I shall take the unprecedented step of camping out in Times Square for the sole purpose of getting me Oscar groove on. Of old, dearest Gene Landry (alias His Majesty, Oberon the Magnificent, King of the Faeries), who was passionate about Hollywood's Biggest Night as was I, called himself "The Oscar Whore," and had the website to back it up. (Don't bother Googling it; it ain't around anymore.) His Faery Majesty, when last heard from, runs a company called the red dilemma, which produces and distributes films for an LGBT audience.

Which reminds me: the Imperial Court of New York's 24th Annual Night of a Thousand Gowns Charity Ball, Dinner Dance and Silent Auction is happening Saturday, March 27th at Times Square's Marriott Marquis Hotel; as much as I hate to have to disappoint dearest Empress Anne Tique, I shall, I fear, be home in the ol' humble hovel on the night in question, getting my AMW groove on; I have, happily, familiarized me Wizardly person with the incoming Royals, Emperor Jack and Empress Farrah Moans, and look forward to greeting them in person at the Easter Parade in April, by which time (I hope) I shall be free to amaze, amuse, confuse, befuddle my fellow New Yorkers, and otherwise renew my status as New York City's Unofficial Wizard. (Fair warning, thou Wikiwimps: There be better be a new article about me in your encyclopedia soon or else I'll put together my own wiki! Nyahh!!!)