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Friday, November 18, 2005

From the What is Wrong w/this Picture? Department:

The Aladdin Hotel-Casino in Las Vegas will host the 85th Anniversary Miss America Pageant, the Associated Press reported earlier this week. Miss America President and CEO Art McMaster stated that the Vegas gig marks the first time that the 84-year-old icon will be held in a venue other than its former home of Atlantic City, NJ. Several months ago, Miss America brass requested to terminate their contract with the Atlantic City Convention & Visitors Bureau, after having had ABC cancel their telecast due to low ratings. The organization's desire to have a credible source of revenue was eliminated after that cancellation, forcing Miss America to seek out a new television home. The show will air live January 21st on Country Music Television. McMaster also said it was too soon to determine whether the Vegas gig would be a one-shot pit stop or a permanent location.

Well, I know not about you, Lords and Ladies, but your Dragonmaster strongly smells a surfeit of "conspiracy theory" hither! Doubt me, do you? Know ye this: Someone on Miss America's end clearly called up the offices of Oscar Goldman, Mayor of Las Vegas, and basically declared it a done deal. Consider that last line --- "too soon to determine whether the Vegas gig would be a one-shot pit stop or a permanent location." Were I a betting Mage, the smart money would say to me that Miss America and Sin City were gonna get "married in the chapel," so to speak --- with Elvis presiding over the wedding!

Factor in Viacom, CMT's parent company, by way of MTV. The very fact that Miss America was going to Vegas says to me that there will be enough money, even with Viacom about to go splitsville, for them to want Miss America in Vegas permanently. Clearly, my friends, something must be saying to you right now: "What is wrong with this picture?"

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