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Friday, March 17, 2006

Back in that ol' Blackwolf groove!

Y'know, Mortals, since August 2004, when first your Dragonmaster joined the world community of bloggers, you have not had a proper look at what I look like. Of course, this is my current regalia as of two years ago; me wielding me trusty staff and all; hopefully, once April rolls around and we get to the Easter Parade, a different photo of me will find its way here to the Diary of Magecraft.

Meantime, please be content with this particular image; it was, as you may expect, taken during the Fort Tryon Park Medieval Festival. I am, I must admit, very proud of it.

Still, on this St. Patrick's Day 2006, I have a lot to look forward to! G4, America's all-videogame, all-the-time cable network, wants to do a series of 1-minute vignettes with yours truly, which --- if all goes well --- might yet blossom into a weekly television series! How about that, eh what? So maybe now I can get out of the shadow of ol' Poopstar himself! (Heh-heh!) Then again, how I miss working with the fresh hound! I know not why, but suddenly, I've grown immensely fond of Triumph. He, no doubt, would rather poop on that sentiment. I would expect no less.

Well, enough nonsense for now. There are 66 Bagpipe Bands out there marching down 5th Avenue right now for yours truly to worry about; I don't think a lot of them will make the newspapers tomorrow; but if you must visit a Pipe Band on the web, I hope you'll pay attention to York, PA's one and only Kiltie Band of York, Jim Britcher, Pipe Major. They would certainly love to perform for you, as I hope they will on Tartan Saturday Afternoon, April 8th, here in Manhattan.

Until next time, then, I remain, as ever,

Fearlessly yours,

Master Blackwolf


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