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Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Blackwolf's Gallery, Episode Three!

Not even St. Patrick himself can resist the charms of Ireland's most beautiful ladies! Case in point: Erin Harmeyer, 2005 Colleen Queen at the Cedar Rapids, Iowa St. Patrick's Day Parade!

And at the 2006 Christmas Party sponsored by Ft. Wayne, IN's Scottish Society, our favorite snake-buster can, if he wishes, channel his inner Kringle!

Ron Pretzer, photographer, captures here the haunting honking of Piper Kenneth Jackman. It's May 18th, 2002, and the Roemer Arboretum @ SUNY Geneseo is ending its Dedication Ceremony.

The Burlington String Quartet of London, dressed in elegant period costume, making musical merry!

Also posing happily for us: Dorset's own Keysworth String Quartet!

August 17th, 2002: Lensman Albert Jagnow watches Oberon and Titania, King and Queen of the Faeries, trip ye olde lyghte fantastyque at the Minnesota Renaissance Festival!

From the files of Brent Allan Thaler's BATcave: 11/09/1999: Henry VIII and Will Somers strolling through Plantersville's jolly streets!

From the files of Ol' Tudor Thunderbutt and Queen Anne Boleyn lead the Royal Boogie at the 2003 Maryland Renaissance Festival!

Old King Cole, enjoying a merry serenade from his loyal Fiddlers Three. (Would that his Court Jester were equally as merry!)

We'll finish off Episode Three of our Gallery with two Royal Portraits from the SCA Archives:

King Alaric and Queen Nerissa of Drachenwald!

King Tiernan and Queen Miranda of An Tir, with their young Princes!

More to come!


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