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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

More with His Majesty, King Henry VIII

Still celebrating the Royal Website of His Royal Majesty, King Henry VIII of England (Mundanely known as Ray Irving).

He writes, "Thank you, Master Blackwolf, for your positive comments regarding My Royal Website. It is a free place to all who venture there. Try making some of the Tudor E-Kits here in England: 17,000 have been downloaded to date; and the site has been declared necessary viewing by all the leading schools here. For this, I am duly proud.

"I am a full-time King, and, as such, I find enough paid rulings just from these Royal Pages to keep My Court in food and lodging. I hope that you will carry on living the Wizard's life, parallel to the 21st Century's monotonous working people. May they continue to enjoy your Wizardry, and gasp at your magical mind.

"I hope that you'll also have a look at my cartoon series --- the Australians have taken a shine to its humour; and find Henry's sense of reality refreshing.

"I am proud indeed to have been named your 'Royal of the Week'; here in England, my status as History's most recognisable face can be quite the bind, especially when all you want is a burger and fries. I could walk around some streets in America and there'd be people who'd come over and ask, 'Who are you portraying?'; whereas in England, no matter where I go, and no matter what age they are, they ask: 'Hey Henry, where's yer wife?'

"Farewell, dear friend --- and take heed of all those media moguls overlooking your domain, who would seek to reproduce your imaginative world."

Well, Your Majesty, no fears of that! I am wise to how the media deals with me, and have been for quite a long time. That is why my Blackwolf's Links segment now has its own Henry VIII section, appropriately named The Big Kahuna! Huzzah!

Master Blackwolf


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