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Monday, April 24, 2006

Further Ranting in the Rain, and That Which Transpired Afterwards

Well, yesterday was Monday --- which meant that I had to do a bit more ranting in the rain!

Y'know how they say, "April is the cruelest month"? Yer durn tootin', to quote another wise sage of yours, one George (Gabby) Hayes by name. For those of ye not aversed in Western movies, George (Gabby) Hayes has often been called the greatest cowboy movie sidekick of them all --- so beloved, in fact, that he even hosted his own television show during the 1950's. And what a show it was: The George (Gabby) Hayes Show had tall tales, cowpoke wisdom, and magical moments from his various adventures with and sometimes without Roy Rogers and Dale Evans. Thou young whippersnappers out thither couldst learn plenty from Sir Gabby were he alive today.

Pray, send me an e-mail shouldst thou know of a George (Gabby) Hayes website. I should love to explore such, you know.

Meanwhile, I made a few phone calls, grumbled at a couple of people, kvetched about the usual --- every Monday in mine adopted metropolis, this ol' Dragonmaster tends to get dead tired!

And you Mortals would be tired, too, if you had to send His Majesty, King Henry the Red of Shiabruck a whopping 34 weblinks! (Methinks that be a bloomin' record!) I think the folks at Yahoo! will either want to cheer me on, or laugh at me behind the scenes, mostly the latter. Well, as we Wizards say --- ye liveth, ye learneth.

Speaking of livin' and learnin' --- I have just witnessed, if ye can call it that, a most historic milestone: the 5,000,000th customer has entered the gates of the Apple Store in Soho, where your Dragonmaster does some of his scribbling and editing. iPods for everybody, obviously: I suspect that that is to be the order of the day, though I wonder if I will take the chance of entering hither in me full costume! I have not done so lest I arouse suspicion; still, will the cool techies hither welcome a fully-costum'd Dragonmaster? Only time will tell.

Anyway, time for me to wrap things up, goodly gentles. See ya!

Master Blackwolf


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