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Friday, December 07, 2007

Master Blackwolf Updates the Fans --- and Shares Some Holiday Wishes, Too!

Greetings, Mortals --- and Merry Christmas!

Well, other than the obligatory struggle against cabin fever, your Dragonmaster has been quite busy. Nay, my dears, best to tell ye goodly gentles the absolute truth: I been sittin' on me Wizardly ass for over 8 blarsted days, my spelling abilities are beginning to suck, I'm working with a MetroCard that'll very likely die out on me unless I take matters into mine own hands, and I am woefully behind schedule!

Yet not even these things can stop Blackwolf, Dragonmaster of the Grand High Istari! Herewith, then, a few holiday shout-outs! Now, please pay attention:

To ol' Poopstar: Know, dearest fresh hound, that you are missed most of all; I will always treasure my discovery at the hands of the world's favorite Insult Comic Dog. Happy holidays, Triumph!

To my Official Rock Band, Lordi: I know, it's been a while, but even the Monstericans need a little Christmas. I, along with the rest of the world, look forward to the opening of your Dark Floors movie, February 8th, 2008. And it helps that you guys live where Santa lives --- Rovaniemi, Finnish Lapland --- so I trust the Jolly One will leave a few dangerous things in your Castle's rather large, bloody stocking! Huzzah!

To my Brother Mages, Alkatar the Green, Ryleh the Wanderer, and especially Merdwin the Mediocre: I treasure every moment we make our magic, each in our own way. I hope that one of these days, we can all get together and put together our own little Coven of Niceness!

To ol' Lord Seversword: Clisto, my friend, you may be aging in years, but, as ever, there is room for your grumpiness at me; as ever, feel free to let me know what's on your mind.

To Master Thoth, beloved loony in the loincloth: pray, torture not thyself 'pon thy next bit of soloperatic prayformances! (Even now, the phrase gets tougher and tougher to utter!)

To dearest, beautiful Debbie D, the Brown-hair'd Mermaid: Your constant kindness never will fail me. Friends forever, say I!

To my burly Barbarian pal Thor: you, Muninn and young Tigerboy have long been a pillar of strength unto me. My love for you will never change.

To my Mistress, Her Majesty, Queen Margaret of Scotland and the Isles: I have never forgotten ye, and I shall remain ever loyal.

To filthy, glorious and ever-fangy Ik the Troll: Thank you for designing my Dark Chambers' logo -- and for calling me the silliest person in the world, other than thyself! Huzzah!

There are many more among those to whom I would wish a Merry Christmas --- but for now, methinks I'll just stop, and save my last thanks and good wishes for those who would truly matter. That would be YOU, my fans, whether you have e-mailed me, stumbled unexpectedly onto the site, or just wondered what the hell I was doing online in the first place. You all have made a difference in all my journeys in 2007, Mortal-reckoning, and for that, I can only say, as always:

Thank you.

Well, enough nonsense, Mortals! See you in March and/or April 2008, when I pop up at the Easter Parade, and we get to do this all over again. Until then, I remain, as ever ----

Fearlessly yours,

Master Blackwolf


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