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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Today's Guest Blogger #2: Nostradamus!

Hiya, kids! Nostradamus, the Man Who Saw Tomorrow here!

Y'know, I don't know about you, but since the day a few years back when ol' Davey Boy Wolper talked ol' fatso Orson Welles into hosting that 1981 movie about moi, the fans have been reading book after book about me and my Quattrains. Basically, what I was doing was writing to my baby son about how to stop the end of the world before it started. Thing is, it took me about ten books worth of text to get the job done; these days, you would've just text-messaged the whole ten-volume set here if you wanted to!

Y'know, the last time I guest-blogged here in Blackwolf's Diary of Magecraft, I had to take this whiny 27-year-old kid from Neptune, New Jersey to school about why I had that movie made about me. Now, thanks to the current crisis concerning America's economy, everybody's having agita over the end of the world! And me? I got a feeling that another TV special starring yours truly is due any day now. (Waitaminnit: now I remember --- Discovery Channel UK did my most recent TV gig; look for it to come your way soon, Americans, because it'll likely have a whole lot more to say than my History Channel gig ever could!)

As for me, I'm getting more and more offers to do the big talk shows. I had to turn down Kimmel, because he freaks out way too much; and don't get me started about Leno or Letterman! Craig's a snoozefest; Jon Stewart is a tad so-so. So I guess that leaves Conan. Hmmmm .... maybe if I do Conan, I'll have the chance to one-up Couchboy (a/k/a Tom "Mr. Scientology" Cruise).

Look, I gotta go. King Richard the Lionhearted wants my autograph, and I promised I'd share! See ya!



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