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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Return to Knocknasheega: Blackwolf Interviews King Brian!

On this, the morning before St. Patrick's Day, I figured you Mortals deserved a treat of sorts. Herewith, then, my one-on-one with His Majesty, King Brian Connors of the Knocknasheegan Leprechauns!

BLACKWOLF: Your Majesty, it is a privilege to be able to speak to you and give you the chance to greet your many fans both within and beyond the realms of Disney. I'm sure there's much you wish to tell them.
BRIAN: Well, o' course, Master Blackwolf, it ain't me at all that's doin' all the wishin'. More like, updatin' the Mortals, if ye will.
BLACKWOLF: Understandable. Why don't we begin with what happened after all those adventures you shared, as are told in the movie?
BRIAN: Well, after we finished filmin', and after Walt premiered the movie in Dublin, well, ye might say that a few of us here in Knocknasheega lost touch with Mr. Disney. Remember, this was around the time he was making hiis first plans for what would later blossom into Disneyland. From time to time, I kept an eye on the goin's-on at the Walt Disney Studios, but after we learned of Walt's passing, I called for a year's period of mourning. For, as you know if ye've seen I Captured the King of the Leprechauns, ye know that Walt was, if nothin' else, a true and sensible friend. Even now, I miss him.
BLACKWOLF: Wise thoughts, Sire. So, Knocknasheega 2010 (Mortal-reckoning). What would you have us know?
BRIAN: Well, other than the fact that we're still here --- otherwise, I wouldna be here talkin' to ye --- we still have a grand time each St. Patrick's Day. I still can honk a tune or two on me trusty bagpipes better than any other intellectual gladiator ye can name!
BLACKWOLF: Oh, I don't doubt that at all, Sire. Maybe your magical music was what helped inspire the Mortals to create Tartan Day in America!
BRIAN: Oh, I'm well aware of what our friends from Scotland have done! Ye can be sure me and some o' me loyal subjects will be watchin' the doin's when the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo celebrates its 60th Birthday in August! That'll be something fer us Leprechauns to look forward to!
BLACKWOLF: Well, before you can do that, we have our own Scottish shindig in ye Byg Appyl. Tartanweek New York, it's called --- and the big highlight is always our Tartan Saturday Afternoon Parade, along Sixth Avenue, from 44th to 58th Streets! Some of the Edinburgh Tattoo's top people have joined us for the Parade for the last few years now!
BRIAN: Have they now?
BLACKWOLF: Indeed they have, Your Majesty. And August will see another milestone as well!
BRIAN: And what would that be now?
BLACKWOLF: The 50th Anniversary Clan MacDuff Long Island Scottish Games at Old Westbury Gardens, in Old Westbury, New York! Why, everything a Scot-at-heart could ever wish for can be found there --- and, if I may, for Your Majesty's purposes, the Gardens' grounds are the perfect place for .... oh, I dunno .... say, storing the Leprechauns' crock o' gold, hmmmmm?
BRIAN: Ye're nae seriously considerin' wishin' fer that, are ye?
BLACKWOLF: I should say not! I'm a Wizard, and, as such, I'm above all that nonsense. Besides, I'm having more fun interviewing you!
BRIAN: Ya are, eh? Well, what more can I tell ye?
BLACKWOLF: Well, I thought you might want to share a few thoughts on what Leprechauns can do to find their place in the 21st Century.
BRIAN: Ye mean, have we Leprechauns kept up wi' modern technology? Well, lemme put it to ye like this: I always get a thrill when both Yahoo! and Google dress themselves up fer the Big Green Day! And ye should see all the pictures o' Leprechauns in Google Image! They be worth more than just an average crock o' gold, says I! (Chuckles.)
BLACKWOLF: Oh, I know that all too well. Well, let me close this lovely conversation by asking Your Majesty to offer a few words of Leprechaun wisdom to your fans!
BRIAN: If that counts as a wish, Wizard, then, granted by all means! And to ye Mortals, know this: Ye may nae be seein' us, but chances are, we're watchin' you! And so long as you continue believin', count on us to keep an eye out on ye fer aeons ta come! Besides, there's still much we can learn from each other --- like playin' the bagpipes! I hear those Clan Gordon Highlanders have all the fun at that Scottish Games Master Blackwolf spoke of a moment ago. I'd certainly be lovin' to dance to their music! Ha ha!
BLACKWOLF: And I, for one, hope you shall have that opportunity. Brian Connors, King of the Leprechauns of Knocknasheega, it has been an honor and a privilege to chat with you.
BRIAN: And my thoughts in kind ta you, Master Blackwolf. And ta ye and all yer fellow bloggers, a blessed and joyous St. Patrick's Day, each and all! Lang may yer lum reek! (Heh-heh!)

Well, there you have it, kids: King Brian reflecting on life, the Leprechaun universe, and everything! Now, while I myself will not attend Wednesday's Parade (frankly because I haven't the stamina for the full show), I nonetheless wish the best of luck to all those who will be marching. Please check out the online editions of the New York Post, the Irish Echo and Catholic New York newspapers, or, for the complete line of march for New York City's 249th Annual St. Patrick's Day Parade; and head for NBC New to view the LIVE webstream!


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