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Sunday, July 25, 2010

Some Sensible Thoughts Before Sterling Forest, and 58 Years of Cool Royal People!

Well, less than 24 hours from hence, Richard Washington, the Mortal with whom your Dragonmaster shares both life and a wild and crazy apartment, will observe another birthday. Huzzah! I only hope similar greetings will befall the lad and myself when we once more journey to Tuxedo Park, New York (zip code 10987) --- home of the New York Renaissance Faire. Last year, I remember complaining, I felt that Captain Grace O'Malley of the Crimson Pirates didn't like ol' Blackwolf anymore. I never got anything resembling so much as a one-on-one with Her Majesty, and the closest I ever got to a really cool unexpected situation was being able to have an extended chat with Robin Hood and his Merry Men, as it were. Hopefully, this time, I shall be the one creating all the buzz, as I will be filming major sequences at the Faire, hopefully, on its Opening Weekend, as part of my still-in-production documentary, Quite an Imagination: The Story of New York's Unofficial Wizard. Maybe, Crimson Pirates, if you guys go home and write the words "Blackwolf is my buddy" a billion times, maybe I'll let you make your music at the Release Party.

Meanwhile, I should like to introduce you to a Mardi Gras Krewe I never thought I'd heard of --- until I saw how incredibly elegant their Kings and Queens are. They are the Lafayette, Louisiana-based Krewe of the Troubadours, and they are inspired by the world of King Richard Coeur de Leon. Their Royals page alone had me riveted, quite frankly! 58 years of the coolest Kings and Queens this old Mage has ever witnessed! Huzzah! and hurrah! to them all, say I! I can't wait to help them celebrate their 60th Birthday, two years hence!


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