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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Post-Medieval Festival Thoughts, and Lessons in How Not to Stink!

After doing the Medieval Festival at Fort Tryon Park and spending a happy Sunday in the company of King Tiberias and Queen Sybella of Jerusalem, I have to tell you, this was a totally delicious start to the 10th month for yours truly.

Unfortunately, I would like to advise you folks not to try to do the stuff that I do unless you're properly prepared to handle the challenges I handle.

After a long Sunday of doing me bloomin' job, I knew when I realized: " 'Tis a wise Wizard who knows when he stinks --- and, frankly, I now officially STINK!" Needless to say, I had to go back to the ol' apartment and pretty much take a long overdue shower! Let's face it, kids, bathtime is not a thing to miss; then again, back in ye day, Merlin had not access to a deodorant that made him macho!

(Hmmm.... I wonder if the Horrible Histories bunch can do a song about 'macho King Arthur.')


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