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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Master Blackwolf Returns!

Pay attention, Mortals, and Season's Greetings! Your humble Dragonmaster has not scribbled hither in a while, me two e-mail inbox are in the triple digits by now, and I've abandoned me blog long enough! Let's recap, for those of you who know me not, and wonder what the hell this blog is all about:

First of all, I am Blackwolf the Dragonmaster, Duke and First Marquess of Talisker, the semi-celebrated and slightly scatter-brained self-proclaimed Unofficial Wizard of New York City. My mission: having a spectacular lot of fun without so much as being malicious! What will you find in my fabulous Dark Chambers website, you ask? Lotsa stuff --- links to the nation's Renaissance Faires, and the weird people who populate them; people and places that I have dubbed "Unexpectedly Cool;" resources from sources you might and might not expect ---- and, er, oh yeah: did I mention the little documentary movie I've been battling like crazy to get released. Maybe you've heard about. In case you haven't, it's called Quite an Imagination: The Story of New York's Unofficial Wizard. We've even got a Facebook presence for the movie. Please be a dear and like it. You can also find me bugging the strange, bizarre and unexpected on my Twitter presence, too!

Well, now you know enough about me to go on with. Gotta go. As I said, I've got two e-mail inboxes to whip into shape, and I've wasted far too much time to take on the challenge! See you later, Mortals!

Master Blackwolf


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