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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Blackwolf & Triumph Playing in the Snow

Your humble Dragonmaster is just now recovering from a strange and rather chilly Tuesday. Washington Square Park saw me playing in the snow with ol' Poopstar. The fresh hound and I were joined by a film crew from G4, cable's all-videogame, all-the-time network. Our mission: to film some intros and commercial bumpers for the apparent network debut of The Best of Triumph the Insult Comic Dog --- although I did wonder if freezing me Wizardly butt off was all that worth it!

Look, do you Mortals think I like the sleet and slush? No! I frequently check in with the Weather Channel on occasion, but I prefer my robes and my new cloak somewhat untouched by the forces of dirt, thank you very much. In any case, let me tell you G4 folks shame on you for losing dear Martin Sargent; were it not for the stupidity of certain G4 execs, Unscrewed would have remained on the air indefinitely. As it is, I have to put up with more annoying dreck on the air anyway; and the Olympics are beginning to bore me. I may just take tomorrow off and snooze meself silly!


Blogger Kraytilius said...

I agree.

12:06 PM  
Blogger hogueZ said...

great post. you should check my blog blackwolf. i would love comments from a true wizard.

5:03 PM  
Blogger Rasputin said...

Ah Blackwolf, ye will be treading on holy grounds if you wish to comment on hogueZ's blog, The Grand Universal Wizard Edward will smite thee with the cursed yellow dwarven fever... I just thought I'd warn you mate...

Chronicler of the Wizard Edward..

2:09 AM  

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