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Monday, January 09, 2006

More on Finntroll

As you read this, dear Mortals, Finntroll has completed the U.S. portion of their 6-day, 6-city North American tour, on behalf of their album Nattfodd --- and now, ye who browse the Diary of Magecraft from the Maple Leaf Nation, 'tis thy turn to be invaded by B.Dominator, Tundra, Skrymer, Trollhorn, Routa and Wilska!

You won't have long to be enchanted by them, folks; once they wrap up at the Toronto Opera House on Wednesday, they'll be headed back to the other side of the Atlantic, to finish up their European tour!

My only wish is that I could have been at B.B. King's Times Square the other night to greet them in person; what an encounter it might have been --- Blackwolf in the company of Finntroll! My word, what would they have thought of me? And indeed, would they have bashed me head in? Maybe heavy metal is a topic not suited to everyone; but even in so trollcentric a bunch of merrymakers as Finntroll I can see beauty; hast ye Mortals not learn'd, I ask ye, that even Allan Carr's Can't Stop the Music has in its dialogue a very valuable life lesson:

RON WHITE (Bruce Jenner): Your friends are a little too weird for me!
SAMANTHA SIMMONS (Valerie Perrine): What do you mean?
RON: I don't understand why a good-looking girl like you is down here in the Village with a bunch of ... well, I-don't-know-whats!
SAMANTHA: Y'wanna know something? I don't judge people, I accept them. There isn't a person who breathes who doesn't possess certain peculiarities. As long as he or she doesn't hurt anybody, it's all right with me.
RON: Yeah, but where do you draw the line?
SAMANTHA: With uptight squares like you!

See ye not, dear friends, how much of a better world this could be if we all could learn from that simple bit of wisdom? Hard to believe, say you, that the man who almost destroyed the Oscars could share wisdom like this with the Planet in general? This, friends, is why ye be lacking in terms of Imagination; and that is why my Quest is to get you to get it before the world goes bonkers, if it hasn't done so already. Now, if you'll all kindly excuse me, I have a few promises to keep --- and a few people to grumble at!

Master Blackwolf


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