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Friday, February 17, 2006

Friday Ramblings: We Used to Deserve a Break Today

From this morning's New York Post Letters column:

John Simpson from Nashua, New Hampshire writes:

"So, radical Pakistani Islamists in Lahore have burned down that sacred image of American free enterprise and capitalism: Ronald McDonald (News item: 'Muslim madmen in Mac attack,' Feb. 15th, 2006). It's one thing to burn down 3 Danish Embassies over those cartoons --- they did ask for it. But what did Ronald McDonald ever do other than put smiles on children's faces? ... Up until now, you have only destroyed lives and property, but junky fast food is my religion. What I hold sacred is the flame-broiled
Whopper, the 10-piece Chicken McNugget bucket, and the Double-bacon Cheeseburger. I will fight to the end for my right to freely hit the drive-thru at two in the morning."

While your Dragonmaster wishes Mr. Simpson well in that noble pursuit, I have to admit that there is some merit in his rant. Know ye, Mortals, that of old there was a time when the words "You deserve a break today" actually meant something. Today, ours is a world where suddenly it is possible for the icons we loved in the 60s and 70s to anger us for whatever reason. The only question worth asking, I think, is: Why?

When my Mortal-born alter ego Master Richard was growing up, you did not ask such questions without risking the wrath of someone who took that kind of dictum seriously. In those days, you accepted that philosophy and you moved on. End of story. Nowadays, we tend to growl needlessly at those for whom the fast-food industry is the embodiment of all whatever. (Here, I would say good and/or evil, but these days we live on an Earth where it is no longer feasible to determine which are the Good Guys and which are the Bad Guys. Your Dragonmaster, fortunately, remains a charter member of the former --- and thus has every intention of keeping it that way. 'Nuff said.)

The point, folks, is that we don't respect our ancient icons anymore. Our society needs new heroes. We need the return of those who demand to deserve a break today!

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