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Wednesday, March 22, 2006

More Tough Assignments

After a short 2-year stint in Miami/Dade County, Florida, word hath reach'd the ears of your Dragonmaster that the 23rd Annual MTV Video Music Awards will return to Radio City Music Hall here in New York City on August 31st. This will, no doubt, reopen a few old wounds; for, as you know, 'twas there at Radio City in August 2002 that Triumph and I battled, separately at best, the forces of negativity. Again, as you know, I have resolved never to do the VMAs again until such time as MTV issues me a public apology for the way I was treated the last time --- especially after Triumph invited me to the event of his own free will; besides, with MTV's parent company Viacom now split into two fragments, methinks there will be sufficient cause --- or so I can hope --- for a public apology to be issued!

They may not decide to do so --- but they know not that Blackwolf the Dragonmaster has a helluva long memory (even if it does tend to go short-term on me at times!). 'Tis thy call, MTV. Get back to me ASAP --- or, at least, do have the decency to invite me onstage!

Master Blackwolf


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