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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

One Nation Under Perky, Part II

"Hi everybody, I'm very happy to be with you tonight."

Thus, Katie Couric last night, as the CBS Evening News with Katie Couric began its grand quest to take over a dying broadcast network news world. And as for the official premiere of Fox's MyNetworkTV, the reviews ran the gamut from utterly lame to completely tasteless. And pray, Lords and Ladies, get me not started re The View; for did I not warn ye that it was bound to become The New Rosie O'Donnell Show ?!?!?

Gang, that's it. Your Dragonmaster has officially had it with television as we know it. I will, of course, remain fiercely loyal to ol' Triumph --- but that's gonna be as far as I dare! I'm sick and tired of the way we have been playing musical chairs with the people who dare call themselves celebrities; the only reason I bite the hand that feeds me and do these ego trip comments is, let's face it, I'm just struggling to keep my house over my head --- and as usual, I still need the limelight. You know I have long said that the entertainment world is, first and foremost, a place of business with regular business hours --- and that my problem has long been the fact that we never bother to treat the entertainment world as a place of business with regular business hours!

Behavior, conduct, controversy --- it seems to me that that's all the world wants these days. Why? And toward what ends? Tough questions, these. Not even one of Manhattan's most Hollywood-savvy Wizards can really answer such questions cohesively. But as always, it won't stop me from trying.

On a more serious note: I'm hoping, after October 31st (and, hopefully, before Thanksgiving), to go in for a routine physical examination. Several of my colleagues have been after me of late to just do so, as they are once more worried, as they were five years ago, concerning the state of your Dragonmaster's well-being. There's only so much I can do physically these days, the spirit will always be willing, but the mind and flesh are another story. I worry as well just how much of a setback getting a physical might cost me in terms of the continued maintenance of both my Dark Chambers website and this Diary of Magecraft, to say nothing of all my e-mails (some of which are pretty much junk e-mail to begin with anyway).

Bottom line: My plan is to go in for a routine physical after I'm done with all my public appearances for 2006. As ever, I ask only for your trust and support during this important process.

Master Blackwolf


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