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Sunday, September 03, 2006

Strange Wizard Things Are Happening.....

Well, it could only happen to a Mage like me: Suddenly, after getting a mere two clips in, and battling a series of severe sniffles, suddenly the goodly gentles at Time Out New York Magazine have included your humble Dragonmaster in their cover story this week --- a print and web photo essay entitled "The Exhibitionists," spotlighting the wonderful portraits as captured by the magazine's Assistant Photo Editor, the lovely and beautiful Sarina Finkelstein.

Clearly being included in a photo essay in TONY is a long way from that Bowery Ballroom performance of --- oh, nearly 5 bloomin' years ago, by Merlin's beard! How, I wonder, am I going to top this one? And, come to that, will Comedy Central's people see things Robert Smigel's way, that I might yet crash Comedy Love Call II, that benefit thingie for children's autism, set for October 15th at the Beacon Theatre, with that expletive deleted Jon Stewart as host? (Oh don't worry, Mortals --- I promise to make nicey-nicey with Jon; I can learn to let go of losing losing the damn Grammy Award and all that!).

Anywho, I want to briefly acknowledge Emperor Tymothy and Empress Ivory. They will shortly depart from their Imperial Thrones as rulers of the Empire of the Emerald Dragon --- and I'm going to miss the time I had giving them advice, telling them tall tales, and goofing off in general.

Speaking of goofing off, that's what I intend to do upon the morrow. Tomorrow being Labor Day, I will very likely hang out at Bethesda Terrace as per usual, people-watch, pose for pictures, do a few meet-n'-greets, and essentially snooze me Wizardly butt off. Any questions?

Fearlessly yours, as always,

Master Blackwolf


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