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Saturday, November 04, 2006

Why Wizards and Marathons Don't Mix!

By this time tomorrow afternoon, my dear friends, some 30,000 individuals will have completed the 37th Annual New York City Marathon, presented by ING. Fortunately, your Dragonmaster won't be among them. There are a good many reasons for this, not the least of which happens to be that, as a Wizard, my primary responsibilty is to observe my adopted metropolis, rather than zoom through it. The High Istari did not command me to run a literal rat race, they asked me to restore hope to it. Moreover, the New York City Marathon is far too physical a challenge for one such as I. For starters, I'd be dead on me feet before I knew what was happening.

And frankly, the last thing this foolish old Mage needs to do right now is collapse on the pavement, in public. Wizards aren't supposed to do that. I would not oinly be physically drained, but psychically drained as well; and more, it would take days to rejuevenate me powers. Even Merlin, for all the force he himself wielded across the cosmos, was not immune to the ravages of exhaustion and inertia. Like our Exalted Father of Mages, your Dragonmaster tires easily. You've heard me say this many times afore, but given the current situation, methinks I'd best annoy you with those words again:

Magic has a most seductive lure, especially among those who would dare use it for personal gain. That is why I remain careful as to how and where I inflict me Magicks.

Anywho, there are those who crave the New York City Marathon, and those who don't. As a sport, the marathon industry in the U.S. lags sadly behind in the annals of athetic competition; I have yet to find a really good American marathoner around which I could have the good folks of ye Byg Appyl to rally. Meantime, my latest Letter from Manhattan has been submitted to His Majesty, King Henry VIII of England (alias Ray Irving of Chorley, Lancashire, England); I've not been able to reach him this week. Drat! Well, hopefully, that will change. As for the New York City Marathon, good luck to all who shall run therein. Just don't disturb me slumber, that's all.

Master Blackwolf


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