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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Halloween Update

Blarst you, Lordi and fiends! You haven't updated your homepage in months, and I still can't get you mangy Monstericans to fess up and tell everybody what your plans are for Halloween 2009! Luckily, Elvira, Mistress of the Dark has better sense than that, which is why she's going to have not just one Chiller Theatre on her schedule, but TWO of them as well!

The first Chiller Theatre thingie happens nine days hence, at Parsippany, NJ's Hilton Parsippany, where she'll be surrounded by various and sundry icons of fantasy and sci-fi: Mickey Rooney, Patrick Stewart, Peter Fonda, Ann-Margaret, Richard Dreyfuss, Stefanie Powers, Jim Kelly, Ali MacGraw, Linda Blair, Barbara Feldon, Joanna Cassidy, George Lazenby, Dawn Wells, Jon (Bowzer) Bauman, Jenilee Harrison, Davy Jones, Lance Guest, Catherine Mary Stewart --- boy, Elvira's going to have big fun then, say I!

But then, the Mistress of the Dark must race to PIX Plaza, where she'll be hosting the Kwuhleven's Chiller Theatre screening of "The Evil of Frankenstein," from 1964 and the coffins of beloved Hammer Films, Britain's most eeeeeevil horror-moviemaking icons!

Chiller Theatre first aired on WPIX from 1961 to 1978, and was briefly revived from 1980 to 1982. Elvira's hosting of "The Evil of Frankenstein" marks the second year of what is apparently Chiller Theatre's third life, the great and powerful Zacherley having hosted last Halloween's Chiller Theatre screening of "Tarantula!"

As for your humble Dragonmaster, I shall be in on this year's Greenwich Village Halloween Parade, one way or another. First, though, I have to find out whether or not I'll survive this medically-induced coma that these doofus doctors over at Harkness Eye Institute will place Master Richard in upon the morrow. We did some homework using WebMD the other day, and we found out that the huge stye thingie on the lad's face is called a chalazion. The said apothecaries must anaesthetise my Mortal-born alter ego, so that he'll not feel any pain --- they are, after all, going to stab the eye so that the wound can be drained and then fixed, that the wound may yet be healed!

Oh my dear Mortal friends, 'twill be quite a curious 24 hours; I only hope I can once more scribble in this, my Diary of Magecraft, that I might tell ye the tale properly!

Master Blackwolf


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