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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Wizard Getting Tired (Just a Little)

My apologies, dear friends, for your humble Dragonmaster's status this Memorial Day Weekend. I've been a bit fatigued these last several days. Exhaustion is an affliction common to all, even us all-powerful Magic-users.

As you can pretty much imagine, I've had to use my words, typings, etc. very carefully, because I am working quite hard not only to complete the Quite an Imagination documentary, but also to keep my physical status intact. So I shall be out and about at Bethesda Fountain tomorrow as per usual, but there will be certain limits to my usual routine. I'll simply stop the whole day if I start getting fatigued in any way; I have no wish to collapse in public, especially not while I'm in the middle of my Dragonmasterly duties!

For now, do know that I am still trying to maintain a proper focus concerning my physical and psychological faculties; I plan on doing a lot of resting up when this day is finished. I usually use the words "I tire easily" to end a conversation; today, however, I use those words to try and assure you, my loyal fans, that I'm still the punchiest Wizard out there!


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