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Friday, June 04, 2010

Dog Day Dragonmaster

We now know exactly why Dick Zigun has chosen Lou Reed and Laurie Anderson as this year's King Neptune and Queen Mermaid at our rather quirky Coney Island Mermaid Parade. Leave it to the New York Times, as ever, to enlighten an old fool like me! This Sunday, the Sydney Opera House in Australia will present the world premiere of Music for Dogs, a 20-minute epic of high-frequency noises that only dogs can hear (and mere Humans can't, in which case, the composer has added elements of spoken word and bowed-string instruments). The recital is the centerpiece of the annual Vivid Live Arts Festival of Sydney, of which Lou and Laurie are founding curators. You are advised, however, that all dogs attending are to be leashed, and that all Humans are to be attached to said leashes.

Well, while all this is going on, 20th Century-Fox and Regency Pictures, along with Davis Entertainment, have unleashed (er'her'm!) Marmaduke: The Movie upon the world. Already, most movie critics have savaged the film. But as ever, the fans --- that would be you --- won't care. Knowing Davis Entertainment, whose Founder, John Davis, is none other than the son of Marvin Davis (who, ironically, used to own 20th Century-Fox), I imagine it'll sneak up behind you and end up this weekend's #1 movie.

Hey movie critics! When ya gonna learn you're all damn dinosuars? Forgive your Dragonmaster for exhibiting utter sarcasm, but the fans no longer give a fuck about what movie critics say. It's time you learned that word of mouth still makes for the real truth as to whether a movie, 30 years down the road, will ultimately stand the test of time. And the sooner you imbeciles get hip to that, the more easier it'll be for us all. Herewith, dearests, your Dragonmaster once more presents before you his ability to tell it like it is --- because, as always, lesser Mortals simply won't!


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