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Saturday, June 26, 2010

Hobbits Rejoice?

I'm reading this from the files of even as I type; please join me as I do so:

Goblins, Orcs and Wargs beware: Peter Jackson is reportedly returning to Middle-earth to direct The Hobbit.

Jacko is currently negotiating with Warner Bros., MGM and New Line to step in and replace Guillermo del Toro for the long-awaited two-part chronicle. Should said negotiations work out, it would at long last fulfill a longtime dream of Lord of the Rings fans who have long clamored for their beloved Academy Award-winning hero to pick up the reins of his beloved franchise once more.

That Jackson has reportedly agreed to take over as director of The Hobbit is no complete surprise. Previously, it was reported that Jackson would willingly take on the challenge but only if he could fit it around other contractual obligations. Further, during the search for a replacement director, it became apparent that Warners and MGM were not going to commit to another director unless they were absolutley certain that Jackson would not himself take on the duties.

Of course, none of it is as yet a done deal. Deadline source Mike Fleming further reports that there are still certain issues which must be worked out:

While Jackson's camp has been tight-lipped, I'm told that the case is being made to MGM's owners to loosen the purse strings and make the movies happen. The impetus for these talks is that Jackson would not only direct both Hobbit films, but that the two features would be shot back-to-back in Jackson's New Zealand backyard.

Well, this is all well and good, Mortals, but I would point out that nothing can happen for real unless and until Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer can properly solve its financial status. That must come first above all else! And if they fail .... well, we'll dwell on that later. Know ye simply, dearests, that there may be at long last joy in Middle-earth; and I have no doubt as to who will be first to celebrate: the goodlies of, who have practically kicked ass for this specific quest. May they indeed emerge triumphant!


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