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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Following Ol' Good King Hal

Your humble Dragonmaster has chosen to follow Henry VIII's Blog --- that would be --- because it's a terrific companion piece to --- and because Mike Farley is probably the jolliest Henry VIII impersonator I know. Besides, as I near the 600-missive mark in this Diary of Magecraft, I realize now that it's getting a little bit lonely around here, and frankly, I am quite desperate for a Throne Room to hang out in --- and Good King Hal's Throne Room, as far as I'm concerned, fits the bill. Mike Farley tells some very hilarious tales, the silliest of them thus far being a piece called "King for Sale," in which he chronicles the time he decided to put one of his appearances up for sale on eBay. Hmmmm ..... mayhap I might follow His Majesty's example, eh what?

Anyway, please continue your adventures, Sire! I look forward to reading more of them, as I find them hilarious, intensely noble, and full of all the crazy situations a King might find himself in while stuck in the 21st Century, Mortal-reckoning. And if perchance Your Majesty dares claim a Realm 'pon Facebook, I shall waste little time in liking you! Huzzah!


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