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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Checking In for All Me Dear, Dear Fans!

Greetings, Mortals!

Oh, by Merlin's beard, 'tis been a while since last I uttered those two words, eh what?

Well, for those of you not in the know, methinks a brief intro is in order. Blackwolf the Dragonmaster, New York City's Unofficial Wizard, at your service!

In case you don't know what I do, this is my Diary of Magecraft. Here, I reveal some of my most delightful, unusual secrets --- and, as you might expect from one as deliciously twisted as yours truly, they're bound to be as off-the-wall and as entertaining as the boldest, most risk-taking New York eccentric can make them!

The Diary of Magecraft is a component of my Dark Chambers website; in addition to that, I have invaded Facebook and Twitter as well. (Oh yeah, did I mention I just finished making my own documentary? Oh yes! It's called Quite an Imagination: The Story of New York's Unofficial Wizard, and right now, it's in post-production mode, so that it can be unleashed on the world next spring!)

But do enjoy yourself now while you're here; I promise you, dearests, you won't be bamboozled for now! I'll leave that task to my new best friend, the Questmaster, whom you can find at! Toodles for the moment!

Fearlessly yours, as always,

Master Blackwolf


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