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Thursday, December 15, 2011

In Focus: Renaissance Magazine's Top 100 (make that Top 105)

Renaissance Magazine, in its customary infinite wisdom, has in its latest issue revealed the results of its first-ever survey listing the top 100 Renaissance Festivals in North America, based on annual attendance. Topping the list: our dear friends in Plantersville; as for your Dragonmaster's two home Faires, Sterling Forest comes in at #16; whilst Fort Tryon Park is somewhere in the middle at #23.

Now, I had cause to have a proper look at that list, and have counted 105 Faires in that listing, along with an unprecedented seventeen ties!!! Clearly, this here be one of those "What in Merlin's name is wrong with this picture?" moments. I will, meanwhile, utter a proper Huzzah! to dearest Lady Janet for the new issue's color segment, saluting our pals at Hoggetowne, especially the lovely portrait wherein King William, Hoggetowne's wise monarch, chats merrily with one cute lovely little girl. (As ever, Milady, your photo spreads continue to tickle me; and, of course, you still ain't no slouch when it comes to advertising and doing all those other little in-office things, either!

Now when I see a Top 100 listing with no fewer than seventeen ties, I know something's not necessarily legit; and needless to say, I shall shortly share my concerns with you in my first real Press Release for the Christmas season. As ever, pray, stay ye tun'd!

(P.S.: Congratulations, dear King Henry the Red of Shiabruck, upon your recent ascension to the Throne as Monarch of the Mid-Michigan Renaissance Faire. I'm sure you'll have a joyous celebration of this milestone next June!)

Master Blackwolf


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