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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blackwolf @ the Oscars 2012: LIVE, As It Happens! (Episode Two)

And so our Oscar Night Adventure continues, dearests! We begin, as you might expect, with KABC-Los Angeles'; their Evening at the Academy Awards, anchored by George Pennacchio, Marc Brown and Michelle Tuzee, and produced for the ABC-Owned Television Stations, only lasts but a mere 30 minutes; as in past years, I have long grumbled that we here in New York --- that would be our Byg Appyl's abc7 Eyewitness News Team (Sandy Kenyon, Lucy Yang and Toni Yates) --- should have that 30-minute special (blarst you!)

Afterwards, Robin Roberts, Tin Gunn, Jess Cagle, Louise Roe and Nina Garcia will be in charge as the Academy-sanctioned 90-minute countdown kicks in. Expect the customary interviews, etc. There are going to be so many surprises that Brian Grazer and Don Mischer have demanded that we just watch as the telecast pushes itself over the three-hour period. Jimmy Kimmel Live's 7th annual post-Oscar ribaldry will again originate from Disney's El Capitan Theatre.

Now, we're dealing with 24 categories for achievements in 2011-2012 motion pictures; but you don't need ol' Blackwolf to figure that out! As for our announcer, Dave Karger from Entertainment Weekly has been assigned that job; as you read this, he's welcoming many of the stars onto the red carpet before they ask him to enter the booth to do all the announcements for the telecast (though I still think Tom Kane is gonna announce again).

The highlight of Hour One, of course, is Billy Crystal integrating himself into some of the year's major films! (Cool!) Meanwhile, as we get down to less than 40 minutes, your humble Dragonmaster is weaving through the plot synopses of some of the nominees in the lesser categories. A lot of these --- especially those in the Documentary and Short Film categories --- will very likely air on, or will be available, through HBO. Sheila Nevins rules!

The various fashions and jewelry from a whole army of L.A.-based designers are sparkling, bordering on spectacular, and even fabulous --- by Merlin's beard, you all bloomin' know my feelings re the gowns, jewels, accessories, etc. I'm just observing the proceedings, say I!

All right, kids, end of Episode Two. Here comes Episode Three --- right now!


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