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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blackwolf @ the Oscars 2012: LIVE, As It Happens! (Episode Four)

We are now at T-minus 23 minutes until dear Don Mischer signals that we be in business, dearests! Robin Roberts and company are getting their last few interviews in, and I think we're going to have loads of fun watching the show; as we journey to the first of several too-short spots, our two accountants from PriceWaterhouseCoopers LLC have strolled down the red carpet, wielding the briefcases containing the 24 delightful winners of this year's awards. I could tell you who won, but I'd have to beat you up, so I won't.

Meanwhile, if I may, I need you goodlies to hang out with the Lorax this Friday, as his new film will officially kick off Universal Pictures' 100th Anniversary Celebrations! That, plus you'll be the first to see Universal's 100th Anniversary logo! Cool!

Dinnertime for me, kids! Episode Five comin' up!


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