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Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Christmas w/Master Blackwolf

Well, Mortals, we are about nineteen or so days removed from Christmas --- and, with things in mine adopted metropolis as frantic and nutty as ever, I can now find some time to return the ol' Diary of Magecraft! When you have to suffer the crap I have to suffer, the situation becomes such that you want to take your trusty Wizard staff and transform any dum-dum that dares get in your way into a toad! Or, as the ancient rappers of yore didst write in days agone, "Push me not, for I am endanger'd by yon edge; the fear of loss of control becometh far too great. The air of the town is as of a jungle as I battle to survive 'gainst all."

Still, this is Christmas we're talking about here; and your humble Dragonmaster is of the mind to salute his most cherished friends of the Multiverse, all of whom have been especially nice to me in 2008, Mortal-reckoning. Allow me this indulgence as I identify them for you:

Of course, ol' Poopstar, a/k/a Triumph the Insult Comic Dog, he who discovered this foolish old beetlehead of a Mage. True, I still have yet to properly score in terms of ye fairer sex, but at least my recent discovery of the wonders of ye olde Bikini Bar is a start! Season's Greetings, fresh hound!

My Official Rock Band, Lordi: 'Twas a pleasure being able to encounter you dear Monstericans in person; knowing you lot, I imagine you'd want to leave out a trap or two, rather than milk and cookies, for Santa! Merry Christmas, my dear fiends!

Noble-hearted and wise Lord Clisto Seversword: I have long been there for ye, and vice versa; I know not what the future holds for ye, old friend, but I am sure you will continue to champion the virtues of honor, as you have always wished to do! Good fortune to you, old boy!

Thor the Barbarian, you remain, as always, another positive force in this ancient Wizard's life. You, Muninn and young Tigerboy are never out of my thoughts; and of course, I wish you every happiness.

You as well, dearest Debbie D, the Brown-hair'd Mermaid, with whom I shall once more rendezvous a few days hence --- if certain matters are allowed to happen, and if I can feasibly solve one or two important problems! A joyous holiday unto you, my beloved.

My fellow Mages, Ryleh the Wanderer and Merdwin the Mediocre: You two old fogies! I am ever fond of you both; and of course, Scott Payne's dear father Chuck remains in my thoughts and prayers, as he continues his recovery. I do hope the elder Payne is able to once more join us for yet another Christmas.

Ik the Troll, who was nice enough to create the new logo for my Dark Chambers site --- and has since returned to the realm of present whereabouts unknown; I only hope his Mortal-born alter ego, Bryan Thompson, can find peace this Christmas. Happy Holidays, beloved Ikster. Do remember to brush your fangs.

Lastly, I want to say a very special Merry Christmas to Their Eastern Majesties, King Darius and Queen Alethea, for granting my longtime wish of personally saying hello to the ruling King and Queen of the SCA's Eastern Kingdom, when they sent their predecessors, Konrad and Brenwen, to this year's Fort Tryon Park Medieval Festival. Konrad and Brenwen were granted the boon of extending their reign as outgoing King and Queen of the East by one day, just for the chance to greet me! That's yet another moment I shall treasure forever.

There are many, many more wonderful moments and kind-hearted souls your Dragonmaster encountered in 2008, Mortal-reckoning, far too many, alas, to name hither. Still, my thanks to each all; and to YOU, my dear Mortal friends, you are likewise wish'd the blessings and magic of the coming Christmas season. See you all in 2009, dearests --- and, oh yes: don't forget to watch this space for my 400th Entry in this, my Diary of Magecraft! Huzzah! and hurrah! to ye, each and all!

Fearlessly yours, as always,

Master Blackwolf


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