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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Buccaneer Bloggin' from Blackbeard

Ahoy, bilge rats! Blackbeard the Pirate here --- or should I say, Ed'ard Teach, Distinguished Professor o' Piratical Management at the University o' New Providence. In case ye landlubbers ain't heard, Dr. Peter Leeson, BB&T Professor for the Study o' Capitalism at George Mason University, asked dangerous little ol' me to teach a course in bizness management, and how we Pirates applied it! Published by Princeton University Press, the book is called The Invisible 'ook: Th' Hidd'n Economics o' Pirates, and it be the good Dr. Leeson's attempt to discover why and how the Pirate traditions you, our loyal fans, be lovin' so much came about not so much as on ye spur o' th' moment, but rather, becuz we Pirates figger'd out that there were profits ta be made from us respondin' to the prevailin' economic conditions of the times wherein we did our scurvy thang! Aargh!

I was quite happy to accept Dr. Leeson's invite, but I did so on one condition: he had t' let the folks know, and I quote: "And don't be late. I hear he's got a terrible temper." He, o' course, be ME, you blarsted brainless scum! (Ha-har!) So, unless ya feel like walkin' the plank, set yourselves on a course ta yer nearest Barnes & Noble and/or Borders and grab yer scurvy self a copy of The Invisible 'ook, featuring "Professor Blackbeard's Management 101."

Meanwhile, mateys, I'm docked at home, so there bain't much fer me ta do --- so I guess I'll join Commodore Washington an' guzzle down a jug er four o' Coca-Cola Classic. Have a blarst on this 'ere Memorial Day Weekend --- and be ready when Talk Like a Pirate Day Weekend falls into yer lap in September! You know wher to hoist yer knickers ---! Now get yer butts thar, er else! Aargh!

Yers etc.,
Corporate Mascot/Principal Spokespirate
Electric Pirates Entertainment, Inc./EPE Holdings, Inc.
New York City, USA


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