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Saturday, June 26, 2010

This Afternoon's Guest Blogger: Mistress Maleficent!


Ah yes, the things we Disney Villains do for publicity of late! I was, in all honesty, hoping Prince of Persia would rock everyone's world --- but I guess you Mortals are all too busy with Toy Story 3 and whatnot. There used to be a time when --- I think this was around the time of Aladdin --- Jafar had only to snap his fingers and .... huzzah! $100,000,000 domestic box-office gross; and one needn't even make so much as a wish!

Well, these days one finds oneself having to shill for a little bit of lovin' over at, say, San Diego's Comic-Con International or Atlanta's Dragon*Con. Believe me, the only time we Disney Villains ever get to really run amuck around the various Lake Buena Vista properties is Halloween. It does tend to bore one, you know. Why, in all the time I've discovered the web, I've visited and found very few photos, if any, of fans giving me some lust! Then again, that's just me kvetching.

Still, I'm looking forward to Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, because if they're gonna turn Blackbeard into a mega-cool hunk of a villain --- Cruella, Tremaines, Ursula, know this: I saw him first!

Lustily yours (mwah!),



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