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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

From Bilbo, Gandalf and Thorin:

BILBO: Greetings, Rankin/Bass fans! Bilbo Baggins here!

GANDALF: And hello to you, fellow Mages and Wizard-lovers! I, as usual, am Gandalf, whose name means me!

THORIN: And I am Thorin, grandson of King under the Mountain! And unlike that young whippersnapper Harry Potter, we didn't just decide to just refer to our upcoming movies as puny old "Part One" and "Part Two". Explain it to 'em, Burglar!

B: Oh, certainly. New Line Cinema, Warner Bros. and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer have announced that the two films are to be known as The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey and The Hobbit: There and Back Again. Unexpected Journey hits theatres next December 14th; TBA follows on December 13th, 2013.

G: Personally, it's a joy having some of the old gang back on board, especially Orlando and Ian! You, dear Hobbit fans, wouldn't have it any other way, and obviously neither would Peter Jackson. And Ian Holm returns, too, in the role of the elderly Mr. Baggins!

B: Now see here, Gandalf --- I wouldn't exactly call meself 'elderly'! But nevertheless, we're looking forward to showing you, our fans, what we're still capable of doing!

T: Indeed! I, for one, have always wondered how our song --- the one we Dwarves sang to the Burglar during our famous Unexpected Party --- will be depicted on the big screen! I'm sure we're gonna have a great time finding out, huh?

G: Doubtless, Thorin, you and the old Company would've been glorious in that time when Mortals truly wanted their MTV! (Heh-heh!)

(Thorin and Gandalf chuckle together.)

B: Well, we gotta get pre-production protocol finished off, kids. See you all next December 14th!


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