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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Joseph Brooks Tragedy: Blackwolf Comments

He wrote, produced and directed only two feature films, You Light Up My Life, starring Didi Conn and Joe Silver; and If Ever I See You Again --- and more, he wrote the songs and score for both films, even personally arranging and conducting the orchestra himself, as well as even starring in If Ever I See You Again, portraying a down-on-his-luck songwriter of advertising jingles, struggling to rekindle a relationship with his ex, played by then Charlie's Angels star Shelley Hack.

But alas, his film career eventually proved to be an unhappy one; and in 2005, having resigned himself to the status of movie-trivia footnote, he attempted a comeback by writing, producing and directing an autobiographical Broadway musical called In My Life, which, as most of you might have heard, ended up with some of the worst reviews ever for a single Broadway musical!

Now, with his eldest son Nicholas having been arrested for allegedly strangling his girlfriend to death, and himself facing some 82 counts of sexually-related crimes, not to mention being possibly tossed out of his apartment, Joseph Brooks had reached the end of his rope... and the other day, in a last, desperate bid to escape, he killed himself by sticking a plastic dry-cleaning bag over his head and attaching the bag to a tank full of helium gas.

If you have seen the documentary Capturing the Friedmans, methinks ye be probably familiar with this horrible saga. But there were allegations, after all, that 73-year-old Joe Brooks often lured hopeful young actresses to his apartment, with promises that he could connect them with the denizens of show biz --- only to violently rape them. His, in the end, I fear, was a wasted life --- the type your Dragonmaster has for many aeons shaken his head in sorrow over. Now we will never again hear Debby Boone's recording of "You Light Up My Life" the same way again. More's the pity.

The horror of humans, I think, is that some of them just aren't made to survive the slings and arrows of fortune not given unto them. How sad, then, that Joe Brooks had to be numbered amongst these particular Humans. Now you goodly gentles know why I often tell you to choose life. I trust you will continue to make that decision, and to make it wisely.

Something to think about, and reflect upon......

Fearlessly yours, as ever,

Master Blackwolf


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