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Thursday, May 05, 2011

From His Oceanic Majesty, Neptunus Rex, King of all Oceans:

Greetings, Surface-dwellers --- and, dare I say it, God bless America! King Neptune here --- and I must say, it is a bit icky for me having the corpse of the most hated amongst you Surface-dwellers, whom, I imagine, cared not a whit for us denizens of the deep, either! That said, I wonder: Should I have my ferocious piranha army munch on the twit's remains? Or should I let the ol' Kraken have what's left of the rotten evildoer? Your President has placed me in quite a dilemma, Mortals; doubtless my subjects will be confused as to what indeed we should do with what is left of the evil one.

Well, we'll have all sorts of fish munching on this nasty fellow until there be naught left but a simple skeleton; those of you who are familiar with Pirates will recall that the members of Neptune's Court knew exactly what to do with dead evildoers who were cast into my ocean: methinks we'll have no trouble dealing with this one, either.

But enough ranting! Tomorrow is Friday, and I intend to celebrate. Even the Sea King needs to party! May your every wish in the sea come true!

Until next time,

King Neptune


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