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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Blackwolf @ the Oscars 2012: LIVE, As It Happens! (Episode Five)

OK, Mortals! This is bloomin' well it! The 84th Annual Academy Awards is ON THE AIR!

Morgan Freeman has just taken the stage with a Prologue that will show us what's about to happen --- and yes, Billy has done it! His ninth time hosting has begun with a bang! Killer monologue, explosive opening --- Karl Schlaybel who has been filling the seats for 59 years, as Tom Hanks starts us off with Cinematography.

Robert Richardson has won it, and there's a lady announcer in the booth --- methinks it be either Randy Thomas or Gina Tuttle. Tom now takes us into Art Direction/Set Decoration. Dante Ferretti and Francesca Lo Schiavo have won it for Hugo. Francesca says she's thanking Scorsese and Italy! Methinks we've an apparent tag-team of announcers! Be it Tom Kane and Randy Thomas, or Tom Kane and Gina Tuttle?

Following our first package on classic movie moments we all love, Cameron Diaz and Jennifer Lopez come out with Costume Design --- and Mark Bridges lands The Artist its first Oscar of the night. Mark, who dreamed, slept and ate movies, enjoyed himself. Cam and J.Lo now offer the Makeup nominees; Mark Coulier and J. Roy Helland win for The Iron Lady, and thank Meryl Streep for their efforts.

Well, I think they've gone into commercial; but, about two minutes later, we're with Foreign Language Film. A Separation from Iran has won for its country, its first-ever Oscar; speaking is the film's writer-director, Asghar Farhadi; Christian Bale now comes to the stage with Actress in a Supporting Role. As expected, Octavia Spencer has won for her role as Minny Jackson in The Help.

We've come into the 9 p.m. zone, kiddos; Episode Six, coming up!


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