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Thursday, January 13, 2011

From Bilbo, Gandalf and Thorin:

BILBO: Greetings, Rankin/Bass fans! Bilbo Baggins here!
THORIN: And I, of course, am Thorin, grandson of King under the Mountain!
GANDALF: And of course, yours truly, Gandalf, he whose name means me! Well, I think you all know why we're today's guest-bloggers here in Blackwolf's Diary of Magecraft; but for those of you not familiar with what's been going on, we're about to return to the big screen in a very big way: Pre-production will proceed soon on The Hobbit, Parts 1 and 2 --- and most of the original cast from Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Trilogy will be returning to contribute their parts for certain sequences.
B: Indeed! And there are going to be all sorts of new things to be dealt with as production begins after next spring. Why, there's just so many things to look forward to, I can hardly imagine what we'll be doing, much less how we'll do things.
T: Oh come now, Burglar! When we last guest-blogged here, we were proposing to join our forces, just the three of us, as a rock band called The Grey Havens.
B: And we'll still have our band, no doubt. But now, we're going to have a better chance to be seen by more audiences than previously.
G: Quite so! Most of those who were in on things when we were making those three movies --- well, we had quite a journey and stuff.
T: Ah, yes. Those were glorious days, weren't they?
G: Yes they were.
B: Well, tell you what, lads: Let's show the fans what heroes are made of, eh what?
G: That, I think, should present no challenge. Let's get busy, then!


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