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Friday, January 16, 2009

King Luther and Queen Maerwynn of Calontir: A Brief Tribute

I know not about ye, but I say that some of the SCA's 19 Laurel Kingdoms are art-forms in and of themselves. One of those nineteen is Calontir, presently ruled by King Luther II and Queen Maerwynn. This portrait by Lord Sir Vilhelm Lich, alias Ed Hauschild, taken on Their Majesties' Coronation Day, September 13th, 2008, captures Their Majesties in their most spectacular Calontirian glory!

I have often wondered just how glorious a Royal Coronation of an SCA King and Queen can be. Clearly, Luther and Maerwynn, with their Coronation, certainly showed their subjects how 'tis done! Of course, I still knowst not whether I shall yet attend the Coronation of the present Prince and Princess of the East, Andreas and Gabriella, but I have no doubt that it, too, will be just as artistic and dignified! Huzzah!

Master Blackwolf


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