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Friday, January 09, 2009

"Member of the Family"

This being the weekend, I thought you goodly gentles might be interested in recalling CBS On the Air: A Celebration of 50 Years, which was a week-long odyssey into the first half-century of the network that even now remains #1. Here, in a chorus led by Mary Tyler Moore, is the show's theme song,
"Member of the Family," followed by a roll call of the CBS Superstars, 1978 --- one for
each day of the week! To add even more to the Membership of the Family, the show's concluding 10 minutes are here, as are the show's end credits. "Member of the Family," the song, was written by Jerry Herman (Mrs. Santa Claus; La Cage aux Folles; etc.). Enjoy!

Like a member of the family,
Like Aunt Jane and Cousin Joe,
Like a member of the family,
A part of the loves and the laughs and the tears,
Part of our lives for the last 50 years ---

Ev'ry evening, after dinner,
Home just isn't home unless
The family is gathered in front of the set,
Laughing with Lucy and Carol Burnett,
On our fav'rite uncle, CBS.

How Ann Sothern took dictation!
How Jack Benny made those jokes;
You Are There and Face the Nation!
The specials, by Streisand which they did with vaude;
Edith and Archie and Rhoda and Maude;

Edward Murrow in his armchair! Corporal Klinger in a dress!
With much entertainment to match ev'ry mood,
A day hasn't happened that didn't include
Our fav'rite kissin' cousin, CBS.

Judy Garland on the Trolley! Lassie trudgin' through the snow!
Alice, Our Miss Brooks and Molly;
From Mission: Impossible to Strike it Rich,
Danger and Mannix and Kojak and Switch!
Break the Bank! I've Got a Secret!
What's My Line? (Arlene'll guess!)
You learned from the tube if it snowed or it stormed.
For half of a century you've been informed
By your nosy sister, CBS.

Mr. Walston with antennae; Mr. Albert with a hoe;
Bernadette with Richard Crenna;
Remember Red Skelton who dealt so much gin,
Kate Smith and Will Geer and Jack Lord and Ed Wynn;
Buddy Ebsen and Clint Eastwood;
Richard Boone and James Arness ---
With the Jeffersons we laughed!
With the Waltons we cried!
The times of our lives have been brought to us by
Our fav'rite best relation, CBS!

To you, our members of the Family,
May peace be yours! Good luck! God bless!
From Barry and Dingbot, the cheen bal of Q
Sinatra and Crosby, to mention a few,
The Great One and Alice, that lovable pair,
Hitchcock and Cronkite and Sonny & Cher;
From Newhart and Nabors and Griffith and Day ---
All of your relatives just wanna say,

(Sorry about mishearing several lines of the song, as the lyrics were just a little bit unintelligble.)

Master Blackwolf


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