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Saturday, January 10, 2009

A Few Moments with His Wintry Majesty, Boreas Rex, King of the Winds

Greetings, winter lovers and fans of my Magical Winter Kingdom, a/k/a the Saint Paul, Minnesota Winter Carnival! Boreas Rex, King of the Winds here --- and oh, how wonderfully chilly things are here in my glorious Ice Palace!

I can see that as usual, the folks at the Weather Channel are keeping tabs on my every frosty adventure. Believe me, Mortals, there are some days when I actually feel like the Gingerbread Man (and no, I'm not talking about the one from the Shrek movies, either!). I'm just guest-blogging today in Blackwolf's Diary of Magecraft to send the usual winter chills into your soul --- because, let's face it, nothing equals fun like ten days on ice in dear old Saint Paul. And, if you want your King Boreas Grande Day Parade coverage done right, you know to turn to good ol' WCCO! Doubtless, they've gone all high-definition on me, too; I'm going to have to have all this HDTV business explained to me!

Well, of course, you are invited to all the frosty fun and diversion; check out our Royal Website's Photo Gallery where there's a lot of wonderful memories in store --- like last year, when Bill Foussard and Brooke Stoeckel were crowned King Boreas and his Queen of the Snows! Even now, the photo of Brooke shedding two cute, little happy tears makes me smile. Tears aren't just icy, you know. They have a history of bringing twinkles to one's eyes!

Well, see you folks in St. Paul, Minnesota, January 22nd through February 1st! Waitaminnit --- of all the bloody times for Vulcanus Rex and his fiery fools to overthrow me, why'd it have to be Super Bowl Sunday? Drat! (Oh, well.)

Anyway, may all your winter dreams come true!

Frostily yours,

Boreas Rex, King of the Winds


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