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Monday, January 12, 2009

Nearly there, now: Diary of Magecraft, Missive #400!

Well, goodly gentles, in spite of a few sleepless nights, and the fact that I must now put up with more than a few very pissed off football fans in mine adopted metropolis, your humble Dragonmaster is three posts away from his 400th Missive in this, my Diary of Magecraft!

When, on August 26th, 2004, I made the decision to join the world community of bloggers, I did so not knowing what in Merlin's name I was getting myself into. Now, after six years of phenomenal, slightly twisted, but always insightful --- and of course, somewhat semi-rude, but enough to be rated TV-14 --- commentary, the ol' Diary persists posthaste, and is, in fact, ready to blog at ye goodly gentles some more! Ha ha!

Indeed, I join the rest of the Planet in watching a little history in ye makyng! Little, say you? Doubtless ye be of the notion that the Presidential Inauguration is a VERY big deal. Aye, I would say so, but I intend to wait for 100 days, until I can assess what Milord Sir Barack will and won't do. You already know why I turn to Mark Levin for guidance, understanding, and especially the truth; a Wizard's first and most important obligation is to tell the truth.

For now, however, even reaching the 400-missive milestone might be a chore; temperatures are expected to be in the teens on Wednesday; meaning that King Boreas may yet have his icy way with Manhattan. If there be one thing your Dragonmaster cannot tolerate, it's freezing me Wizardly butt off, to say nothing of sneezing! I'm not the kind of Mage who would willingly blow me nose in public! For a pizza, maybe; but not always a pastrami sandwich! Aye, 'tis comfort grub I often seek, as many Mages call such things --- but there you go. Aargh!

Now, if you'll kindly excuse me, I have to go see what's on YouTube. Be well, and stay ye tun'd!

Master Blackwolf


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