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Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Missive #400! (It's about bloody time, too!)

And it came to pass, that on Tuesday, January the Thirteenth, Two Thousand and Nine, Mortal-reckoning, Blackwolf the Dragonmaster's Diary of Magecraft did reach the milestone of its Four Hundredth Missive. And it was said that there was much rejoicing amongst the great Mage's loyal fanbase across the cosmos and beyond!

Ah, who the hell am I kidding? It's a wonder I even made it to Missive #400 at all, what with Master Richard trying to do his own little bit for that Celebrate Santa Claus thing going on in Tennessee --- and then the following on mine own agenda: The Presidential Inaugural; the St. Paul, Minnesota Winter Carnival; Super Bowl XLIII; the Oscar Nomination Announcements --- and I'll barely have enough breathing space to aid me sister website, Uncle Fergus' Bagpipers' Paradise, as it prepares for St. Patrick's Day, and then NYC Tartan Week in April! And in between all of that, I gotta do the Easter Parade on 5th Avenue, where, in addition to making my first official public appearance of the new year, I get to say hello to, among others, the reigning Emperor and Empress of the Imperial Court of New York; the team from Richard Concepcion's Rapid T. Rabbit & Friends; and, hopefully, Patrick Barnes, the Oddist, a/k/a the Incredible Bunnyman, --- oh, let's face it, by Merlin's beard, this is really gonna knock the wind out of me Wizardly sails! Aaaargh!!!

This, my dears, is why I kill myself every damn day for you blarsted New Yorkers. And, as ever, for those of you who continue to not get it about Blackwolf the Dragonmaster: We're stuck with each other, New York. Get used to it. Or else!

I mean, c'mon, who else would bother to be romanced by the likes of Debbie d, the Brown-hair'd Mermaid, still be able to match rude remarks with dearest Thor the Barbarian, get meself discovered by no less than Conan O'Brien's foul-moth'd crony, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog --- and, oh yeah, dare to lock horns with me Official Rock Band, Lordi, too! I've done all of the above, and much, much more besides!

And somehow, I've managed to survive everything, even if, as my seven Wizardly superiors, the Grand High Istari, didst warn me of old that this job would be dangerous from the moment I chose to take it! Well, know this: I'm still standin', Mortals --- and I plan on staying in thy face for the foreseeable future! All of which, ultimately, is to say:


Fearlessly yours, as always,

Master Blackwolf


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