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Thursday, September 02, 2004

Dragonmaster on Silly Mortals

As always, I find it quite odd that Mortals have a strange knack for being incredibly silly. Their inability to grasp the world and discover it as a young child would has long been the source of my many pet peeves. I've had everything happen to me: I've been stepped on, bumped into, had my intelligence insulted, accosted by security guards and policemen who like nothing better than to exert their so-called macho attitude --- why, during one of my more recent sojourns to Central Park's Bethesda Fountain, as a matter of fact, one such idiot cop dared jump to conclusions and make the ridiculous assumption that I was naked! I was forced to shout that I was in truth wearing shorts, and was simply attempting to prevent my robes from getting wet! Really, have you no idea what it's like trying to keep yourself high and dry, and having to do whatever you have to do just to keep yourself from stepping in a puddle!

Not that it matters, dear goodly gentles, but, as I've always said through the aeons: Nobody likes a drenched Dragonmaster!

And, as I happen to dwell in that ultimate purgatory lost --- or, as the Mortals refer to it, Harlem, the nation's largest African-American neighborhood --- there are those who know little, not just of Magecraft per se, but pretty much the power of Imagination in general. When Master Richard was alone after the passing of his dear mother all those years agone, the sheer force of Imagination was more than enough to see the lad through; then, as now, he spent his adult years saying that that force was all that he had left in the world without him going completely bonkers. "I'm not crazy," he would often say. "New York sometimes drives a person nuts." Having put up with this town's Mortals for nearly seven years now, I find that I am more and more inclined to agree with that.

And more, through good fellow eccentrics such as the Naked Cowboy (, Master Thoth (, Merdwin the Mediocre (, and of course my burly co-star and partner in silliness, Thor the Barbarian (, I have found that, thank goodness, I am not alone as a silly person. In fact, thanks largely to the project wherein I'm presently involved, Thor and Muninn's The Barbarian Chronicles at, I get to locate a whole lot more silly people. Now, with Merdwin as my #2, I am leading Blackwolf''s Council of the Wise (which is cool); and eventually, a blog version of that Council will ultimately find its way to as well.

But enough nonsense for now, as my throat is parch'd, and I must begin questing for Coca-Cola Classic!

Until next time,

Master Blackwolf