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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Strange Wizard Things are Happening. Again!

For some idiotic reason, your Dragonmaster is unable get into his Dark Chambers, Edition. I can sense that part of it has to do with several of the teens that spend their time at the Apple Stores in Soho and Fifth Avenue, most of which are, by and large, harbingers for that odious thing called rap music. (Bah humbug!)

As you know, I was forced into re-upping with MySpace when an impostor, using the URL of, used my image and likeness without my authorization and/or permission. Since then, however, I have forgiven the silly fellow, and permitted TheGreatImmortal to endure; however, I won't be so kind-hearted next time!

In any case, apparently someone misused the MySpace files; I'll have to determine that later. Either that, or the traffic at the Apple Stores is far too heavy. Drat!

I shall give it another whirl, but I don't think there be any way to bloody succeed. If that be the case, I shall have to assume that certain problems and/or disruptions are going on. In that advice, I can only say stay ye tun'd!

Master Blackwolf