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Saturday, April 15, 2006

A Few Sensible Thoughts on How to Reboot, etc.

Well, Mortals, the adventures I've had this past week should teach you something about, among other things, knowing who your real friends are. Identity theft is not an issue to be taken lightly; indeed, those who dabble in it not only like to play with those who are otherwise minding their own business, but also like to ruin lives as well. So be warned: Dum-dums are not to be tolerated or trusted!

Well, what else can I tell you this S! A! T-U-R! D-A-Y! Morning, I wonder? Hmmmmm... well, I now have a new e-mail address,; and Malcolm and Tessa are about to return to the Sylvan Thrones of the SCA's Kingdom of Aethelmearc --- and, as of November 15th, 2005, there's a new SCA Kingdom, too! Lords and Ladies, please be introduced to Their Royal Majesties, King Tar Radu and Queen Broinnfhionn of the Sovereign Realm of Gleann Abhann (Mundanely known as Kris and Robbin Koenig)! Alas, your Dragonmaster is being introduced to this new SCA Kindgom even as its very first Monarchs are about to end their reign; succeeding Radu and Broinnfhionn as of May 20th, 2006, will be the new King and Queen, Havordh Aetarbani and Mary-Grace of Gatland (Brian and Nancy-Ellen Martin)!

Re Malcolm and Tessa, one thing I will cherish about them are the remarks of their wonderful daughter, Princess Katheryn. Other than inviting her fellow junior subjects to play with Her Royal Highness, she loves strawberry, loathes chocolate, is keen on burgers, potato chips, Cheetos, peanut-butter-and-jelly, macaroni and cheese --- and when it comes to the Royal Feast, she says: "Please keep the food for me resembling something I recognize --- because if it's scary-looking, not even His Majesty Daddy can bribe me enough to try it." Well, Princess Katheryn, with thy Royal Parents about to hop back onto their old Thrones as of next Saturday dawn, I know there'll be lots of cool munchies for ye to enjoy!

Meanwhile, here in our own Eastern Kingdom, whose King and Queen almost always never show up at our Fort Tryon Park Medieval Festival (Damn!), our just recently crowned Eastern Monarchs, King Brion Anthony Uriel Tarragon and Queen Anna Ophelia Holloway Tarragon, (Brian and Donna Martinez), will spend the whole summer teaching their young sons, Princes Nigel and Duncan, about the Knowne Wyrlde, and how it works. I only wish they'd had time to greet a certain Unofficial Mage and Sorcerer-in-Residence for the Mortalfolk of ye Byg Appyl (that, of course, would be me).

Happily, King Henry the Red of Shiabruck has in his infinite wisdom chosen to make the commitment to join us on Sunday, October 8th; oh, how I long for that particular dawn, as I hope to share mucho cool stuff with the Royal Court from the Sovereign Realm of Owosso, Michigan!

Now given the title of today's entry in this, me Diary of Magecraft, you're probably wondering what all this has to do with rebooting. It's called life-changing experiences, you sillies --- knowing how to renew old friendships, and secure new ones, reveling in the joy of having come this far --- and ultimately, being yourself in general. That, to me, is rebooting: the simple truth that you are alive and loving every moment of your life!

And on that note, I need to wrap things up for now. See ya @ the Easter Parade 'pon ye morrow. Loads of photo ops, et al, plus --- assuming that they decide to show up, a rematch between yours truly and Pyro the Dragon from Rapid T. Rabbit and Friends! Pray, be ye thither! Toodles for the moment!

Master Blackwolf