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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Taking advantage of the weekend!

If there's one thing I enjoy more than anything else, it's being a very happy Wizard. And frankly, I am so looking forward to this particular weekend because, for the first time in a while, I can hang out at dear Bethesda Fountain and enjoy myself fearlessly! No matter that I practically have to make the journey on foot (Merlin knows I've done much walking many times over the aeons!), I just need a bloomin' excuse to get the hell outta me house and stop kvetching about being totally bored to death.

Besides, I suspect Master Thoth and Lila Angelique will want to come out and play as well; 'tis been a while since last I greeted the loony in the loincloth and his dear apprentice. I look forward to enjoying their ever so delectable twin fiddling and soloperatic prayforming .... oh, so many years after the fact, it's still difficult to figure ol' Thoth out --- but this is precisely why I love him. Eccentrics, as a rule, are always impossible to figure out; that's why New Yorkers embrace folks like Thoth and myself, not to mention my other Champions of the Imagination!

So methinks I'd best shut up for now, because there's a lot of wacky thing to dabble in! Here's hoping I can handle them all!

Master Blackwolf