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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Happy Tartan Day!

Cead mille failte, Mortals!

Well, in case you haven't figured it out, today is the Eighth Annual Tartan Day in America --- a celebration of the contributions of Scottish-born and/or Scottish-descended Americans to the vast fabric that just happens to be these United States. All this week, in cities throughout the U.S. and Canada, events big and small have been celebrating the values, essence, music, arts, culture, and boisterousness of Scotland and her people --- and never have these celebrations been more intense and more ..... well, fun, than right here in that most deliciously mental of Kingdoms, mine adopted metropolis, New York City!

At any given moment this week, you could hang out in Times Square and suddenly notice bagpipers honking their tunes as musical accompaniment for, say, my old pal the Naked Cowboy (as if!); or just see what kind of unusual musical happening is going on all over the city. At the moment, we are now a little over 48 hours awa' from our 8th Annual Tartan Saturday Afternoon Parade, where over 2000 Pipers and Drummers are expected to head down 6th Avenue, starting at 44th Street, and heading toward the Jekyll & Hyde Club main entrance on 58th Street.

As your Dragonmaster has been saying to you until I've turned blue in the face, three major birthday milestones are being commemorated this year: first, the 50th Birthday of the American Scottish Foundation; the 150th Anniversary of the New York Caledonian Club; and the 250th Anniversary of the St. Andrew's Society of the State of New York --- and believe me, I am quite exhausted by sharing so much tartan news! So, all that remains now is to sit back and enjoy the loud honking and banging that will doubtless be going on all afternoon long!

One thing's for sure, though: my dear friend Uncle Fergus, guardian spirit of Scottish Highland Games fans everywhere, has been a verra busy Scottish poltergeist --- because he's been getting more info this week than I ever could! Ah, me.

Nonetheless, I've earned me R & R this week. Now, all I'm gonna do is annoy my Ink Blot pals, who haven't heard from me in a while anyway (and besides, I need to do a Site of the Issue column for them in any event!) --- and then I do the Easter Parade. As for belly-flopping: I shall get back to ye on that one.

Master Blackwolf

Predictions Update

So indeed Katie Couric joins the CBS Evening News, whilst NBC's Today Show filches Meredith Vieira from ABC's The View, effectively transforming the latter program into The Star Jones Reynolds Show! Mere musical chairs, say I!

However, your Dragonmaster stands by his earlier prediction regarding the Macy*s Thanksgiving Day Parade! To briefly recap, NBC will now have to move fast to deal with Macy*s execs to develop a new contract. Per that new deal, count on Al Roker to assume the duties of sole host --- and executive producer as well --- of the Macy*s Parade telecast, which would otherwise continue, in principle, to be made by Brad Lachman Productions. In addition, Al Roker Productions would also be given producer status for Macy*s 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular, which would also continue to be seen across the country on NBC. (That, plus the fact that Ryan Seacrest would host the Fireworks thing, as well.)

Y'see, Mortals, this is why of late your Dragonmaster has been telling you, his legions of fans, how remarkably bad a guesser I am. Look, I told you --- I ain't Nostradamus! If it's Nostradamus you want, Sylvia Browne is on Montel every bloomin' Wednesday! ('Nuff said.)