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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Updating the Fans: What I've Missed, What Happens Next and a Few Other Oddball Remarks

So, what has your humble Dragonmaster missed besides Groundhog Day 2011? Oh, not much, really: just a few situations regarding the world on the brink (as ever), with Good and Evil at one another's throats (natch!); and a little Pirate get-together called Gasparilla in Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida. Oh yeah, there's also a little bit of insanity known amongst ye Mortals as ye Super Bowl, wherein ye Pittsburgh Steelers are to engage in conflict 'gainst ye Green Bay Packers --- and, if I know the fools at Fox Sports, there's bound to be a whole mess of stuff going on during the 13-hour epic festival (including commercials).

Still, when someone tells me that there's a new Kia Motors commercial involving an Aztec tribe, Posideon and even space aliens, that merits ye olde "I need to see this!" from ol' Blackwolf. Oh, and did I mention there's Oscar Night to worry about, too?

Well, you'll all be glad to learn that we have an official trailer up and properly posted for our documentary Quite an Imagination; please tell your friends about it, as we want to generate some major buzz about the thing. And I'll still be doing the Easter Parade; it's just that it won't be until April (aargh!). Afterwards, once the film gets together and everything, I'll be able to sell the thing for $15 a pop when I make my first appearance at dear old Bethesda Fountain (assuming that Parks Enforcement leaves me alone, of course!).

Look, kids, I just got turned on to the wonders of herbal tea (thank ye, Milady Rachel); that's why me tongue's a little bit icky. I'm glad I can still do this without breathing heavily. More to tell you soon.

Master Blackwolf