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Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Sterling Forest, Hither I Come! (Finally!)

Well, it took me a bloomin' while, but I have at last secured the neccesary passage; and I shall finally, on Saturday, adjourn unto the Shire of Sterling --- where, thankfully, my intelligence will not be insulted. Frankly, I grow tired of Her Majesty, Elizabeth I, Queen of all England, wondering "Where is Master Blackwolf?" 'Tis not my Wizardly way to keep a Queen waiting!

In all honesty, I consider it an honor that some of those who have done and/or are regular performers in the Shire of Sterling hath recogniz'd this foolish old beetlehead simply because I stumbled onto that silly Star Wars line aeons ago --- not knowing, as you all know by now, that I would likewise stumble into stardom. To date, thus far, the fresh hound has not found time to secure my services for another evening of ribald banter 'twixt meself and the Insult Comic Dog; unless and until Triumph hath need of me, my 15 minutes of fame have pretty much expired. Which is fine with me. No, I'll continue to link to Triumph's homepage --- --- but I know not if he plans to do a second album, or even involve me in a new set of sketches. Only the Mists of Time can tell.

For now, my continued pursuit of Royals has led me to the Shire of Saint Petersburg, in that Realm the Mortals call Florida. Here, Ye Mystick Krewe of Neptune ( holds sway over any and all surfacedwellers. I should know. I still suffer as a result of the bet His Oceanic Majesty and I made a year agone: that is, that were those vile Florida Marlins
( to lose against our glorious New York Yankees
(, then Neptune would be forced to wear a Yankee cap all off-season long, rather than his more familiar royal crown. Otherwise, were the Marlins to triumph, I would, in the name of my fellow surface-dwellers, surrender control of Earth and her oceans unto Neptunius Rex.

Well, needless to say the Centennial World Series culminated in the Marlins humiliating the Yanks --- in their own Stadium, no less! --- and, of course, I had to kneel before Neptune. Here's hoping, as I look forward o my upcoming journey to the Shire of Sterling, that ol' Neptune will hopefully stop his bloody gloatin' in me face!

Further tales to tell anon!

Till then, I remain, as ever,

Fearlessly yours,

Master Blackwolf