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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Royal Wedding, The Sequel: A Blackwolfian Rant

Well, Mortals, here it starts. Here we go.

Prince William has popped the question all of England has been waiting for --- and in so doing, dearests, hath caused your humble Dragonmaster the ultimate migraine!

The future King of Great Britain used his Mumsey's own engagement ring to propose to gal pal Kate Middleton, who would obviously be called Catherine from thenceforward. Well, you don't need ol' Blackwolf to figure out the rest for yourself: the Royal Wedding --- The Sequel --- to take place next spring and/or summer in London --- will doubtless further strain this old Mage's already exhausted resources. I ain't yet decked me halls, let alone prepared meself for Black Friday, and already folks are chomping at the bit and looking ahead to what could be the biggest live television event ever, dwarfing all others in terms of size, scope and viewership!

Super Bowl XLIV was a mere blip compared 'gainst the potential this baby has, combined with the fact that London will also host the Games of the XXXth Olympiad in 2012. The BBC, and will obviously spare no expense in mounting an elephantine project that could be seen by some 1 BILLION people throughout the world! And one Wizard --- ME --- may yet be totally and utterly lost in the vast tsunami of it all!

Well, only one thing for it, then: I'm gonna hafta seek out Her Majesty's Facebook presence. As I do so, this warning: Best behavior is essential! Decorum is demanded at all times! Put simply, you just do not mess about with Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor. Period. She is Legend with a capital L, and as such, is not to be treated lightly.

My only prayer: that my current adventures and related stuff will allow me to focus. Until then, I can only wish those cute kids good luck. The time is at hand when the Wizards of the Multiverse will stand as one in the name of Love. Please join foolish ol' Blackwolf in weathering Love's potential storms.