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Thursday, November 12, 2009

Naughty Stormchaser!

There seem to be days when your own blarsted laptop just does not want to play nice, by Merlin's beard! For the last --- oh, I dunno: four hours! --- I've been trying to post a few thoughts hither, not to mention the fact that Maroon the Shantyman of The Bilge Pumps has alerted me to two items of note: The band is effectively quitting the Texas Renaissance Festival (clearly, Maroon's Buccaneer's Blog can explain it a lot more properly than I can do hither); and also, that the owners of Scarlettt the Fox's Midwinter Renaissance Festival have shut the event down permanently. Now, I need to delete the link over at --- but the problem is, I can't bloody access the damn thing, let alone my Yahoo! e-mail.

Yes, kids, this be one of those days where you just wanna spank your laptop! Oh yeah, did I mention that my Facebook presence is likewise going bonkers this day?

Drat! Drat!! DRAT!!!!!!!!